visions of another world (in english)

We are in 2019. Time for another world to come. Time for a change. Time for a new civilization to arise. Time for the reign of cosmic law instead of man made law. Law according to universe.

How will this world be?

Private property

First of all, there will be no more private property. Private property is one of the main reasons for many problems on earth.

– For people starving because they have no land to grow their food

– For people living in exploitation because they even have to pay for their home and food

– For wars to get the resources of other states

– For selling or privatizing common goods like water, railway, telephone…

– For unused land, houses and apartments while there are, on the other hand, people who have no place to stay

In fact it is not possible to own land. The land belongs to Mother Earth. We only have the right to live on it to provide our needs. So everyone will have the right to use a place to live and to use a piece of land to grow his own food.

The same is true for natural resources. Under cosmic law nobody has the right to own them. They are common to all human beings and they have to be free for everyone: water, oil, gas, minerals etc. What can be justified is a contribution for the transport and distribution without making any profit as long as an exchange currency still exists (in the future we don’t need even this any more). There is no profit to be made. Every company producing something does it as a service for the world. If surpluses arise they are used for reinvesting in the company and for the community.


The people will stop eating meat. Eating animals is from now on not recommended any more on this planet.

And there are many reasons for this. Here are a few:

– forests are cut down for pasture and feed stock

– people are starving because there is not enough land for human food production

– an enormous amount of water is required to produce meat

– eating meat employs at least eight to ten times more energy than eating fruits and vegetables

– it involves violence, killing, keeping animals in bad conditions, which we don’t want any longer on planet Earth


There will be no private cars but cars used in common in form of car-sharing and well organized public transport for free. To produce a car means that there are tons of waste produced too, cars are still polluting, making noise, occupying parking places… The exceptions are cars from companies and all sorts of cars where people live in like camping van and others. And if somebody drives around he takes others who want to go in the same direction with him. This until not polluting cars are produced for everybody.


All sorts of machines are used in common. The use of machines in general is avoided as much as possible. To produce a machine natural resources are needed as while they are in use and they produce lots of waste after they are out of use.


People have time because they are having a productive activity only for a couple of hours a day and only what they really want to do. They do what they like most in between the things that need to be done for the community they live in or for the world community. They are acting according to their talents. The rest of the time of the day people take care about those who need them (children, people of age, sick or handicapped people…).

Keeping body, mind and spirit in balance

People take also care for balancing body, mind and spirit. Either they move their bodies every day for one or two hours if possible in the nature or they have another practise like meditation or yoga to stay in balance. The human body needs to move, if not we get sick easily. Instead of taking often a car to go somewhere like today, people will more walk or ride a bicycle.

Exchange or free giving and receiving

There are two forms of sharing things: one is to exchange, the other is free giving and receiving. There are no more interests in exchange currencies on this planet any more. Only interest-free exchange currencies are in use. The other form is free giving and receiving. People give things they don’t need away for free without receiving anything in exchange. They live in a free giving culture. Nothing what could be used by somebody else will be thrown away. Everything will be recycled and reused. Until one day everything will be free for everybody.


Every form of energy is renewable. Nuclear energy is not used any more on Earth. “A solar panel on every roof” will be the slogan and goal for an energy which is as much decentralized as possible. Also free energy will be used as much and as soon as possible after the people have given back the documents about free energy to the world community which they have stolen from all researchers of this field.


Agriculture is only natural, which means organic. No more poison is used against animals and plants. Of course there is only natural food grown which is not harming Mother Earth (and no genetically modified ones).


In case of sickness people try to heal first with natural medicine with plants of Mother Nature. Only when this doesn’t help they use other kinds of medicine.

Animal tests

There are no more animal tests for products on Earth. Harming animals is absolutely against the new ethics, because how we treat animals is how we treat ourselves. The products are produced with natural ingredients and if there is the need for testing something, alternative methods are used.


There is no more system of copyright or patent. Everything what is invented and was invented before belongs to the whole humanity and has to be available on free access for everybody. All contracts made whenever are not valid any more.


All packaging and all produced things will be recycled. There’s a complete system of refund. Organic waste is composted to give back to mother Earth what we were taking form her. Paper also is completely recycled and most paper will be out of recycled paper especially all toilet paper, handkerchiefs and other paper which is thrown away.


All types of cleaning and hygienic products are biodegradable. Others are not produced any more.


No more asphalted roads are constructed on Earth besides cycleways. They are enough roads to divide the landscape. Only new dirt roads are built and existing roads are maintained.

Cooperation instead of concurrence

It rules the spirit of cooperation instead of concurrence. We are acting in groups deciding and doing the things together what need to be done for the communities and for the whole world to function.


Everybody lives in every moment of his life as conscious as possible. Everybody makes his own effort to be aware of what he is doing and how he is acting.


They will be no more war, no more weapons will be produced, peace will reign over the whole world and any conflict is resolved in a peaceful way.