I wish myself another world

I wish myself another world

a world without private property

but with the right for each person

to live in one place according to his needs

a world without money with interests

but only with interest-free exchange currencies

and free giving and receiving

a world without exploitation of human beings,

ressources and nature

a world where people don’t eat meat

so that all people on Earth have enough to eat

a world without using poison against animals and plants

and only biological agriculture

a world without private cars

besides of cars from companies and camping van

but Car-Sharing, enough public transport for free

and people giving each other a lift

who want to go in the same direction

a world with a system of refund

which helps to recycle all packages

a world where all used energies are renewable

a world where all washing and cleaning products

are biodegradable

a world where nearly only recycling paper is used…

Would that not be a fabulous world to live in?

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